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Maybe she's born with it...

maybe it's Maybellineicons

8 June 1991

Maybelline Icons
Hello! I'm Lizzie, reside in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and am too much of a fangirl for my own good. When I watch TV, I flip on Glee, Community, Doctor Who, Torchwood, SYTYCD, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory and many other fun shows. Paramore, David Cook, Green River Ordinance, The Script, and Lady Gaga are my favorite bands & musicians to rock out to at the moment. Movies like Almost Famous, 21, Center Stage and all Pixar films make me laugh & sometimes cry. And when I'm feeling REALLY nerdy... expect me to mention Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers or the Spice Girls sometimes. :)

CREDIT: Mention me in your resources and/or in the "comment" region of your Userpics thing & we'll be cool.
COMMENT: Please do. :)
REQUESTS: As of 7/8/2010, they're not open, but that could change. Keep an eye out!
(When I do have open requests/a request post, comment with the following info:
1. What is it?
2. What size?
3. What picture (URLs, please)?
4. Any text (Provide me with a few words/lines or give me a song title)?

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